Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Happy Blogiversary!

Born today:
  • Benjamin Disraeli
  • Josef Stalin
  • Malkin(s)watch

One year ago today, I got off my ass and started what I'd thought needed starting for a few months, since the demise of my ten-hit-a-day generablog caused me to think I needed a niche, already. I'm a big fan of Sullywatch and, obviously, am constantly annoyed by Malkin, so the choice wasn't really all that hard.

Started very slow - not recognizing Eric Muller's name despite having devoured his takedown (with Greg Robinson) of In Defense of Internment and forgetting to link stuff a lot. On the flip side, it only took me three posts to coin the now-famous "Michael Moore is fat" meme*.
Of course, I still tend to forget to link stuff, and I just yesterday coined the soon-to-be-famous "No sense of irony exhibits", so not that much has changed, I guess.

Some favorite posts from the previous year:

Honorable Mention: All of February. I dunno, I just think I was on fire that month.
Five: The open borders lobby strikes again? - It's short but sweet, but the clearest, most undeniable evidence I think I've ever presented that Malkin. Is. A. Racist. (At least until #1, below.)
Four: If you're not in combat, Iraq's a playground - The first of many instances in which the decidedly non-veteran Malkin claimed to know the innermost thoughts of veterans and/or their families, with the added bonus of "all-hispanics-are-gang-members" racist conflation. Oh, and a little "all-hispanics-are-potentially-illegal-immigrants" goodness thrown in.
Three: Professor Glen Stassen Interview - Look, ma! I'm a real journalist!
Two: Ghost Blogging (redux) - Thought this'd be #1? Well, maybe I'm just contrarian, or maybe I just still gnash my teeth that LA and I weren't able to present all the evidence we have for this because a) we're not real journalists, despite what #3 is telling you and b) we can't. Still, I'm - and he's - pretty damn proud of it.
One: Who keeps company with wolves will learn to howl - Probably my most-linked post, and, if I do say so myself, with good reason: Malkin's association with VDare has got to be argument #1 against taking Jesse and/or Michelle seriously on racial issues.

Lots of thanks owed:I am most definitely forgetting someone. How could I not? So, to anyone I forgot: Thanks to you too.

And thanks for visiting. Hope you'll be coming back for another year.
* There's a slight chance this may not have actually been invented by me. Who can remember? Don't answer, it was rhetorical.

...By the way, I've removed the virtually profitless GoogleAds (although for the person who clicks on them religiously: Thanks! You know who you are!). But I have left the link to the Amazon Wishlist. If you like what I write, and want to throw me a bone, that'd be just sweet of you. No pressure, though.