Thursday, December 15, 2005


Better Bloggers Than I

Snarky quick-hit posts are much easier to fit into a busy-ass life (especially the last two weeks - don't even ask) than the substantive stuff. The flip side is, of course, that it's the substantive stuff that really matters.

Thank God, as I so often do, for David Neiwert:
Michelle Malkin wonders if Sydney is "the next Paris".

In other words, when Middle Easterners riot in Paris, they are the problem.

But when whites go on a riot attacking Middle Easterners in Sydney, it is, once again, the Middle Easterners who are the problem.

I think Michelle Malkin has a problem...
And more:

See, at first glance, [Glenn] Reynolds' post seems not to make any sense: How could the white riots that broke out Sunday in Sydney somehow resemble the riots in France, which involved young men of Middle Eastern descent who have not been allowed to assimilate into French society? Surely Reynolds doesn't think that angry white Aussie skinheads are analogous to angry French Muslims?

[Reynolds', Hewitt's, Lucianne's] positions seem to be like Michelle Malkin's: If whites riot against Middle Easterners, and some Middle Eastern neighborhood respond violently, then the fault obviously lies with the Middle Easterners. All the racial friction, it's clear, is a product of those evil Muslims.

At least, that seems to be what they're saying, but it's hard to say for sure, because they're all incredibly incoherent.
And thanks, too, for Scout Prime [emphasis Scout's]:
Michelle Malkin is making a big deal that the majority of deaths in Katrina were not African American. They base this upon preliminary identifications of victims at the St Gabriel Morgue. And that is a problem. Of a total of 883 at St. Gabriels, demographics for 562 was given. The race was determined for only 514. At this point 48% were African American, 41% Caucasion. However 321 more bodies have yet to be included and the the race of 48 bodies of the 562 was stated as unknown. To make any pronouncements based upon 58% of the victims at this point is just wrong...

Malkin concludes by leveling blame at African American leaders for not speaking out on her pre-mature and dishonest conclusions. I believe all would be better served to follow Turner's some understanding of how people's perspectives developed and deal with social justice issues now as regards the poor, both black and white. But that certainly wouldn't fit in with Malkin's slash and burn divisive politics now would it.
Or as hat-tipee Thersites says:
...even though a majority of the dead Katrina victims in the St. Gabriel morgue were black, a majority of dead Katrina victims were, uh, somehow not black, when you adjust for population. And this proves how the only real racism in the country is the race-hatred of President Bush.

Yeah, it's that retarded...

What's really nauseating about this is Malkin's bizarre triumphalism and fake outrage. There are 6644 missing Katrina victims: THAT'S an outrage.

The Newsmax crap and Malkin's post are wildly dishonest. And they go far to show that if you really want to see someone get petulant, call a racist a racist.