Thursday, April 21, 2005


Everything old is new again

I don't particularly like it when people express a lack of sympathy for someone who died, no matter who they are. That said, I defended Kos due to the extenuating circumstances around his controversial remarks.

Well, with another mercenary-related tragedy comes another unfortunate, ill-considered comment, and another round of finger-pointing at the "hateful left."
THESE F[**]KERS ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE. I have a hard time feeling sorry for their families. I have known a few of these wives and if they are in the marriage they are so high on Prozac and Xanax they will barely know he's gone...If one of their mommas is crying I'm somewhat sorry but I really want to ask that woman why she never got any help for her son, who was obviously a potential serial killer! I lay some of what that man became on her and his father's doorstep. I have almost no tears for these people. I can barely squeeze one out.
Now, considering the fact that there's apparently a video making the rounds that shows terrorists executing one of the Bulgarian survivors in cold blood, I in no way endorse this view. Despite what the Malkins would have you believe about liberals, I don't wish death on anyone, however I feel about what they do for a living.

That said, it's kind of - oh, let's say humorous that the source of Malkin's link is LGF - yes, that LGF - yes, THAT LGF.

Not only that, but the commenter Malkin links to is not some pot-smoking hippie, but rather a military wife.
The only fucking people who need to run around Iraq with automatic weapons and working for "our side" for any reason whatsofuckingever are people who answer to our military chain of fucking command and thereby the American voter and taxpayer and thereby follow the Geneva Convention to the fucking letter. If you had any idea how much these MERCs disgust and sicken honest military folk!!!
As usual, Malkin finds one comment by a distraught person, quotes it without full context, and leaves us with a few dead horses beaten:
No word yet on whether any AP photographers were tipped off to the cold-blooded execution by the Iraqi "insurgents/militants." Could be another Pulitzer Prize in the making.

Meanwhile, LGF notes that some unhinged liberals--in the same sick spirit of Howard Dean campaign consultant Markos Moulitsos Zuniga--are gloating over the murders.