Tuesday, April 12, 2005


The Vast CafePress Conspiracy

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In yet another run-up to their impending book, the Malkins expose liberals for being objectively pro-assassination. Malkin quotes a Drudge story about an anti-Tom DeLay t-shirt which suggest that the Hammer ought to end it all. The t-shirt has since been pulled, but:
Not to worry. There are plenty of other hate-filled, liberal knick-knacks and apparel items still on sale.

Like this "Kill Bush" magnet depicting the president holding a gun to his head with the caption "End Terrorism Now"...

"Oh, but it's all in good fun," the libs will shrug...

"Where's your sense of humor?" the libs will ask.

Where's their decency? Their sanity?

Welcome to the sick world of the pro-assassination Left.
Well, no, I'm not going to shrug. I don't particularly like the items listed, and I'm not sure that wearing them isn't illegal.

However...at least one of the examples comes not from the left, but, as LA found, from a bipartisan CafePress store which, among other things, carries this shirt:

Clearly this item, at least, isn't "the sick world of the pro-assassination Left" but rather "the humorless world of the opportunistic schlock merchants." The caption that went with the messenger bag was the first clue.
They are a party on a mission to seek revenge for killing their hopes for a president, but 4 years later the Democrats are on a mission, they are going to "KILL BUSH"!
That sounds more like something Byron York would say than those evil liberals. (In fact, I think the above is taken directly from his interminable subtitle.)

As for the DeLay t-shirt which started it all, let's hear what ThinkProgress has to say:
The “liberals” selling the shirt are actually…just one random guy named Christopher Goodwin. Christopher runs “Ye Olde Christopher Goodwin Art Shoppe,” an online store
(hosted for free by CafePress.com) where he sells drink coasters, tote bags, and throw pillows emblazoned mostly with images of his own “abstract and representational art"; only two of his featured items are political in nature, the DeLay shirt and a set of shirts that say “Bush Is Vile"...According to Alexa.com, Christopher Goodwin’s website is the 2,071,537th most visited site on the Internet; to put that in perspective (and to make clear Goodwin’s profound obscurity) consider that the homepage for Chicken of the Sea tuna is ranked 163,081.

In other words, Drudge made a concerted attempt to find absolutely anything to take the heat off Tom DeLay’s various corruption charges, and the very best he could come up with was a stupid t-shirt from “Ye Olde Christopher Goodwin Art Shoppe.” Lame.
Lame indeed.

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