Saturday, April 09, 2005


Malkin Schiavo Memo Pile-on: Late to the Party Edition

For the last forty-eight hours, Blogger has been so wildly unpredictable that I've been loath to start any long posts. This means that I've been woefully underrepresented in the "nice job, guys" department regarding the now-debunked Schiavo memo. Now that we're a couple days into it, I'll content myself with rounding up a few of the better efforts from around the blogosphere.

Mykeru demanded Jesse & Michelle's resignation.
The main proponents of Republican apologia were, not surprisingly, Powerline and Michelle Malkin. Both of whom weren't, you know, really wrong if you really, really read what they wrote very, very carefully and then equivocated on the meaning of some words and pay close attention to the singular or plural...

I will be expecting the resignations of Malkin (preferably both of them, and I don't mean the kid) and Hindrocket from blogging in my inbox by the end of the day.

Oh yeah, and

Mykeru was responding to a post in which one of the Malkins (my money's on Jesse) went on the attack, accusing liberals of reading comprehension "lower than my 17-month-old son's. And he's just started reading picture books"; later, one of them (probably "voice of reason" Michelle) switched tacks effortlessly, calling for explanations of the possible "GOP coverups." That's one nice thing about having two people writing under one name: "Michelle Malkin" can hold two different opinions on the same day. John from AMERICAblog gives Malkin credit, though, for being reasonable:
I have a nagging feeling I've been hoodwinked.

But uber-conservative pundit and blogger Michelle "Internment camps are good things" Malkin just wrote a rather incredible, forthright, and honest analysis of where things stands with the Schiavo memo. In a nutshell, she's asking if there wasn't some attempted GOP cover-up surrounding the memo, trying to blame Dems for it when it was really a GOP memo, etc.
Well, John, I think you have been hoodwinked. The Malkins are just trying to have their cake and eat it too: First they "investigate" the "forged" memo; then they "investigate" the GOP coverups.

Jack Schafer at Slate says something I've always thought: Bloggers are potentially as good and as bad as the mainstream media, amplified by their ideology.

Roxanne asks for suggestions on Malkins' and Powerline's next whole-cloth scandal.
Illegal immigrants sneak into San Diego homes to drink the blood of unsuspecting white babies? Jimmy Carter performed a human sacrifice in the Lincoln Bedroom back in '78 and that's why he's not going to the Pope's funeral? Hillary Clinton conspired to have a guy murdered and then covered it up? John Kerry shot his entire squad in Vietnam and replaced them with hippie look-a-likes he found partying with Hanoi Jane in Ho Chi Min City?
As for why I think Jesse's the one sticking to his guns on the Schiavo memo, an alert reader forwarded this e-mail from the Malkin e-mail list (I don't subscribe - it requires personal information, and I don't want to end up on a list like this):
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Subject: Washington Post Digs In
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By Michelle Malkin ยท April 04, 2005 11:16 AM

You're gonna love this.

Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz writes about the Schiavo memo once again, finally acknowledging that the Post did indeed report that the talking points were "distributed to Republican senators by party leaders."
Whoops? Or the first step in admitting that they're a team?