Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Poor, poor LGF...

MalkinWatch is strongly against DOS attacks and the anti-free speech stance they usually represent.

That said...
Someone out there wants to shut down LGF and shut up Charles Johnson and his commenters--the best in the blogosphere.
Ohhhh, yeah. We'll have a blogroll A-Z on LGF soon enough*, but let's just take a look at what some of the "best commenters in the blogosphere" have to say, shall we?
These animals view any kindness/morality as weakness. They need to take one of them up in a helicopter, in full view of all the rest, and toss him out - that my sound vicious, but it is less vicious than sawing somebody's head off. Maybe then the rest will cooperate more willingly.
(1) Round up four or five captives whom you wish to interrogate. Tie them to posts in the ground, in a circle about ten feet apart, all of them facing each other.

(2) Walk up to the biggest and ugliest of them, and ask him the question(s) you wish answered. If he refuses (which usually happened), torch him with a flamethrower and wait patiently until the screaming is over.

(3) Walk up the the one remaining who appears the most scared (usually one who just threw up). Ask the same question(s). Almost always, he will fall all over himself answering.
And in response:
That won't work. You must kill the first one without asking him anything.
The way to interrogate terrorist prisoners is severe pain BUT not death for example:

1. Use a pruning shears to cut off digits until they talk
2. Acid baths that desolve skin, but not bone
3. Dipping the terrorist in boiling water for long periods
4. Dipping the terrorist in ice baths for long periods (pull them out just before they pass out, wouldn't want to kill them)
5. Expose appendages to liquid nitrogen and then break them off. Very painful after nerve endings defrost.
6. Use the "baseball bat" treatment like in the movie "Casino", but don't touch their head.
7. Electric shock therapy to genitalia.
8. Cattle-prod therapy.

If these don't work kill the bastard.
A method that works on a group captured together: cut the carotids of one. Let him bleed to death in front of the others. Interrogate a second one. He doesn't answer, bleed him to death. Repeat until one talks. Then kill the remaining ones - if any.
Easy. Shove a toothpick up their urethra, and show them pix of rear-end of some prime goats. The pain should follow shortly...

After that, bigelize the town they came from.
Oh, and mecca.
And in response to a rare voice of reason who said "Torture is a bad idea"...
i suggest you contemplate that thought while you are tied up, and my blade is bared.

i think you will come around to my way of thinking...
or scream endlessly into the night.

either way, i could care less.
Yeah, real bunch of winners there, Michelle.

*Actually, we won't, because unless I'm blind, Little Green Footballs isn't on Michelle's blogroll. Hmm...