Thursday, January 06, 2005


"Don't listen to the experts, listen to me!"

Here's how we will end up interrogating terrorists and enemy combatants if the Dems get their way.
She's referring to this article, which proposes the following interrogation technique to "make everybody happy":
* He will be asked to "please" give us information.

* If no information is given, he will then be asked to "pretty please" give us information.

* If there is still no response, he will finally be asked to "pretty please with sugar on top" give us information.

* Any further requesting would be badgering and could be construed as torture. If given court approval, though, the interrogator could offer to be the terrorist's "very best friend" in exchange for information.
Now let's hear from someone who knows anything about anything:
I had a couple people tell me that I was too soft on the prisoners and that I should toughen up my technique. But you know you get a lot of bad information when you torture people because they'll say anything they can to get away from the pains.
What kind of lily-livered softie says something like that? Why, it's Roger Brokaw, an Abu Ghraib interrogator!
Most of the prisoners appeared to him to be average Iraqis picked up for petty crimes or for being in the wrong place at the wrong time - not terrorists. No matter how much he questioned them, they didn't seem to have any useful information. Brokaw believed them, but he says his superiors didn't.
Most data indicates that he was right.
"There was just a general atmosphere of condoning things, of just a lack of oversight," says Brokaw. "In spite of the fact that different rules and regulations were coming down telling us we couldn't do this and we couldn't do that, but it was like it was all lip service. I mean you could just kind of feel it. There just wasn't something right."
So I guess the question is, do we listen to a bunch of bureaucrats and pundits who want us to torture every Muslim we can find over there, or do we listen to a professional interrogator who says that not only is torture wrong, but ineffective?

I'll take the guy who actually knows what he's talking about.