Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Blogroll A-Z: a small victory

Tonight we're starting a new feature here on MalkinWatch called, as you can see above, "Blogroll A-Z." Malkin has a fairly extensive blogroll, doubtlessly filled with diversity of opinion and open discourse. Let's take a look, shall we? The first on the list:

a small victory.

The first post today is a link to a Sepultura mp3. Not my style of music - not many people's - but to each their own. Lots of talk about baseball and personal matters - and a quote from Napoleon Dynamite, so that's good.

But wait! I think I've cracked the code as to why a small victory made the list...
So...I'd like to give you a bit of a preview of 2005 at A Small Victory.

Here's what you will not find: Political rants. Anger fueled diatribes against the left. Anything to do with Dan Rather, the plight of mainstream news outlets, or bloggers taking over the world.

Careful, Michele - you may get delisted.

Okay, that's not fair - maybe I should check out a post you called one of your favorites of 2004.
The motion of the boat had begun to make young John Kerry sick. If he were back home, his mom would rub his tummy and give him an aspirin to calm his nerves. But this wasn't home. This was Nam. Or somewhere near Nam.

Oh, that's rich. I wonder if you were one of those troop-supporters wearing purple heart band-aids at the RNC? I don't see any reference in your (to be fair, self-describedly incomplete) bio to military service. Let's see some of the things that are in your bio, shall we?
I support George Bush. In fact, I love George so much I want to have his babies.
Beautiful. Just goes to show that women really do pursue a man who will lie to them, I guess.
I think John Kerry looks like he swallowed a swordfish. I hate his wife. I think she's an arrogant bitch, to be blunt about it.
That's too bad...I know she was so hoping you could be friends.
I enjoy capitalism. I like money. I like spending money. You'll never see me diving into dumpsters for food even though I can afford a meal because that is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of. In fact, I think most of those far leftie ideals are ridiculous.
Is dumpster diving a leftie ideal? First I heard of it, and I'm a pretty big leftie. Apparently it's a real thing (called Freeganism), and she links to it, but it's not a philosophy that appears to be taking over the world.
All that said, I definitely appreciate this sentiment...
How to tell if you are rude? Do you step into an elevator before the people exiting have gotten a chance to get out?

So it's a bit of a mixed bag.
Next: Ace of Spades.