Saturday, January 22, 2005


Blogroll A-Z: Alarming News Ambra Nykol

Well, Alarming News is kind of boring, actually. That's not to denigrate the author - it's more like a compliment. Although it is interesting to see this:
I work at a political consulting firm in NYC. From time to time I will write favorable posts about my clients because I believe in my clients and their causes. Consider this statement as adequate disclosure for all my possible conflicts of interest now and in the future.
Wow. If we take as a standard the reaction from the right(although not, that I can see, by Karol of Alarming News) that Kos and Jerome received...that's totally inadequate. Where's Hugh Hewitt on this one? (Wrong, as usual. Karol's and Kos' disclosures are both adequate, Kos' even more so.)

But let's skip to Ambra Nykol, shall we?

Ambra is a staunch pro-lifer. I don't know that it's her defining attribute, but it's certainly one of the most prominent. And when surveying her blog, the second post that I read (after a positive critique of Laura Bush's inauguration outfit) contained the following little gem.

Speaking about a court case in Spokane she says:
Do mine eyes deceive me? Did the judge really include in his decision the phrase, "the right to be born"?
Why yes, he did. In fact, he included in his decision "the right to be born" into an abusive marriage, in which the husband is a drug addict - and is not even the baby's father. Wow. Are you sure you want to use this case as an example of how much pro-lifers value the children?

She also accuses Planned Parenthood of purposefully giving out faulty condoms so that they will become "customers in the infanticide turned big business holocaust known as 'abortion clinics'." Oh, and naturally she is anti-Plan B, which in my estimation will be one of the most effective ways of limiting abortion.

And this is more funny than anything else: Ambra runs a mostly glowing profile of a young right-wing activist named Hans Zeiger, who wrote the following:
The reason I'm an optimist about the future of America is because I tend to think that MTV does not speak for young Americans. But if I'm wrong, if the MTV generation is as perverted and spiritually impoverished as its namesake, then we might as well elect Drew Barrymore president in a few years and get this country all over with.
From Nykol's post (titled Know Your Rebels):
Last year Zeiger was also a runner-up in MTV's "Stand Up and Holla" essay contest.
Now that's integrity.

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