Thursday, July 07, 2005


Tragedy in London

Out of respect, I'm not going to cover Malkin's coverage of today's bombing, because she's been respectful, for the most part. I would like to ask - again - our friends at DU and DailyKos to try to be a little more careful about giving the righties ammunition. On a day like today, it's not completely inappropriate to reflect on the root causes of terrorism, but it seems inappropriate to do it out of a place that falls short of respect for the dead and the grieving families.

Addendum: I should make clear, though, that Malkin's as-usual seizing of a few DU and Kos postings as an implied indictment of the unhinged left is no more appropriate or valid than if I were to take a comment from LGF and indict all right-wingers with it.
#13 Sean II 7/7/2005 06:13AM PDT

Can we eradicate Islam now, please?
Just to take one example.

Addendum 2: Well, I wasn't going to cover Malkin's coverage but it seems to me she's quoted Mark Steyn one too many times.
Mark Steyn asks:
After the initial shock of stumbling over the truth, what will Britain do? Go back to the Bob Geldof agenda or avenge her dead?
Reading that quote makes me want to sputter comically.

1) America discovered terrorism existed on September 11. Britons have been the targets of terror attacks on their soil since before I was born. So how, exactly, have they just now stumbled over the truth?

2) The Bob Geldof agenda? Would that be the agenda of making sure a quarter of the world isn't fucking starving to death? I know conservatives can't do two things at once, but give me a break.

3) Somehow I don't think that by "avenging her dead" Steyn is looking to bring the perpetrators to justice and ferret out the terror network (WHERE'S OSAMA?) responsible. I'm going to go out on a limb and surmise that he's referring to creating a whole lot more dead who will, in turn, be avenged.

And so on.