Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Column day! Column day!

We dedicate this week's edition to this brilliant post by Rev. Mykeru. Please enjoy a less brilliant fisking of a less-than-brilliant column:
The most unhinged of left-wing activists, from breast-exposing pacifists to the conspiracy-mongers of MoveOn.org, will descend on New York, Washington and other major media markets to "mark the two-year anniversary of the U.S. bombing and invasion of Iraq." They will do so by clogging the streets, tying up police resources and leaving behind a trail of anti-Bush propaganda litter.

Who says the Left doesn't know how to create jobs?
Other than you? I ran a Google search for:
"the Left doesn't know how to create jobs" -site:michellemalkin.com
and came up empty. I think we're left with: Q. Who says the Left doesn't know how to create jobs? A. Only the voices in your head.
In New York, the "Troops Out Now Coalition" plans to march on Saturday from Harlem to Central Park to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's home to demonstrate against the "occupation."
Snarky, sarcastic quotes aside, everyone from Pat Buchanan to President Bush has called it an occupation. Are they "lefties" too?
Their solution for helping the Iraqi people and demonstrating American leadership: Cut and run. Now!

You can guarantee there will not be a single sign of purple ink solidarity in sight, but the dictator-luvin' ladies of Code Pink who prance around in pastel underwear will be out in full force.
First of all, never, ever spell it "luvin'", I beg of you.

Second of all, as for "purple ink solidarity", have you been taking chicken-counting lessons from Max Boot? I mean, the purple ink thing was cute, and as the Liberal Avenger notes, there are certainly reasons to be hopeful, but do you really think you can wrap the universe of possible outcomes in Iraq into that one image forever?
Along the way, the marchers will stop to harass workers at a local military recruiting station. Yes, these are the supposed peaceniks who derive pleasure from ripping yellow ribbon magnets off of minivans and throwing rocks through ROTC campus offices.
Those violent magnet-rippers!

I wonder if Malkin will link to a story about these deadly peaceniks. Here's one about magnet ripping. You will notice that a) the indymedia post from the proud magnet-ripper appears to be satire and b) he gets torn apart by most (not all) of the other indymedia posters. Doesn't quite fit your narrative, does it, Michelle?
In New Paltz, N.Y., the weekend anti-war festivities will be capped by a speech from Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y. -- the unhinged tin-foil hat wearer who continues to assert that White House adviser Karl Rove planted the bogus National Guard memos that Dan Rather wrapped himself in at CBS News.
There's that word again. Casting aspersions on a member of Congress doesn't make leaking false memos any less in character for Rove. Even so, I haven't seen a single instance of Hinchey "continuing" to assert anything.
The Bush-bashers, as always, have impeccable timing. Nothing highlights the bankrupt obstructionism of the anti-war movement more than the inspiring photos of the renaissance of freedom taking place in Lebanon. Contrast the faces of hope and defiance against terrorism pictured at the massive rallies in Beirut's Martyrs Square this week with the faces of Bush hatred and capitulation to terrorism that you'll see this weekend. Any question about who's winning?
You know, this whole "whose-protestors-are-hotter" thing is really getting tired and insulting. But if you really wanted to go there, maybe you shouldn't have posted this.
Seasoned observers who cover the War on Terror in the "blogosphere" (the increasingly influential world of Internet weblogs) have a useful term for the American Left's protesters against progress: moonbats. Perry de Havilland of the blog Samizdata (samizdata.net) defined a moonbat as "someone on the extreme edge of whatever their -ism happens to be."

Surveying this bizarre array of grim-faced parade organizers on the extreme edge of anti-Americanism, it's clear: The barking Left has been left behind. And it's driving them batty.
I wonder if she realizes that she didn't actually give the origin of the term, which is weak at best. And those closing puns are just sick. Sick, I say!

Update: Small edit for clarity. And via the Liberal Avenger, Juan Cole has some things to say about how much credit Bush can really take for those hot protestors in Lebanon.