Thursday, February 24, 2005


Judge a book by its cover! You judge a book by its cover RIGHT NOW!

Malkin links to a Michael Smerconish column about Michael Tuohey, the "airline worker in Maine who encountered Mohammed Atta on 9/11."
MICHAEL Tuohey "stared the devil in the eyes and didn't recognize him."

Now he kicks himself for not having acted, although if he had, our government probably would've punished him for trying to take the devil down.

Until recently, Tuohey worked the ticket counter at the airport in Portland, Maine, first for Allegheny Airlines, and then its successor, US Airways. He'll never forget one particular day of his 34 years of employment...

He thought the pair were unusual. First, they each held a $2,500 first-class, one-way ticket to Los Angeles (via Boston). "You don't see many of those."

The second reason is not so easy to explain.

"It was just the look on the one man's face, his eyes," Tuohey recently told me.
Hindsight is 20/20. That's not a criticism of Tuohey, but it is a criticism of this comment from Malkin:
It's a vital lesson for all of us to listen to our gut instincts the next time around, so there isn't another next time around.
Now look. I will admit that if Tuohey had listened to his gut instinct in this case, lives might have been saved. But can you imagine what would happen if LGF commenters , for example, listened to their gut instincts all the time? (No link, you'll find 'em; Malkin links to it, for example)
Muslims suck in the hatred with their mothers milk. They are perpetually scowling.
There would be no Islam without jihad...Jihad is the tip of the spear (haaa I know that term because I watched all those generals discussing our Marines entering Iraq as the tip of the spear)...Jihad is the weapon used to bludgeon into submission millions and millions of dhimmis in over 1400 yrs of history...

Yet this turdlette goes on spewing forth that jihad wraps itself in Islam...
El-Al security procedures are geared toward finding out terrorists about to attack the plane they're boarding, not ordinary flying moonbats. Not yet, anyway.
I live in philly, were islam has all but taken over. Even our Police Commish is a nazi, errr... Muslim.
But here's the voice of reason, also from LGF (must be a plant!):
Don't forget that the next "archetypical islamist killer" looked like Richard Reid- a British, dorky-looking guy who came all-too-close to bringing down a civilian airliner with a shoe bomb.
If Reid's attempt had succeeded, would we be asked to "trust our gut instinct" about all dumpy Brits? I'm guessing not.