Wednesday, August 24, 2005


This is just amazing

Via Malkin, Lawrence Simon Says:
I have a very simple solution to the entire Cindy Sheehan affair.

Let her meet with the President.

That's right. I've finally changed my tune.

Let her meet with the President who thwarted the United Nations Security Council and made the case for war.

Let her meet with the President who hindered the progress of United Nations weapons inspectors.

Let her meet with the President who lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction that they'd use on Americans...

[snip additional descriptions of George W. Bush]

Let her meet with the President who should be brought up on war crimes charges for his dastardly misdeeds.

Let her meet with the President who spent billions of dollars on weapons while social welfare programs went unfunded and the poor continue to suffer for it to this day.

Let her meet with the President who has a track record of invading Arab Muslim countries for oil.

Let her meet with the President who knew full well about the bloodthirsty torture and murderous horrors at Abu Ghraib.

That's right. Let her meet with Saddam Hussein.
From the comments and trackbacks, it appears that the right thinks Simon has scored a major, deal-breaking point here. From the left it seems that Bush and Saddam have more in common than we ever imagined.

Simon makes a great case against Bush. It's a measure of the fundamental difference in thinking between the right and left that he doesn't see it. As a commenter on the site points out,
1. Assume that anti-war arguments hinge on the idea that Saddam Hussein should have remained in power and was a nice guy 2. With that strawman firmly in place, imply that Cindy Sheehan should actually meet with Saddam Hussein so that she'd realize about the war being a good idea. Do this by weirdly "tricking" people into mistaking Bush for Saddam Hussein by exploiting the fact that they are both seen as human rights violators. 3. Magically convert cognitive dissonance into a sassy non-argument.