Tuesday, August 23, 2005


...And Proud of It

For the past month, as I contemplated writing this introduction, I have been racking my brain trying to remember in what context I first heard about Michelle Malkin. I know it was from David Neiwert, and it was something outlandish, but I'm not sure it was related to In Defense of Internment. In fact, I was surprised to realize that IDOI was published just one year ago this month.

It was probably something ridiculous about immigration, which is the topic that really pissed me off enough to start this blog. Whence, also, my pen name: Auguste, from Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, sculptor of the Statue of Liberty, symbol of immigration. And from France. And, unsurprisingly, something of a liberal.
Bartholdi manipulated the Statue of Liberty to ensure coherence with [an anti-French-conservative] agenda. He positioned her within New York Harbor to face outward toward Europe (and particularly, France), looking across the Atlantic in hope that Europe's countries might soon realize her strength. Not laden with the swords and shields of war and imperialism, but instead standing resolute with a torch to "enlighten the world" to democracy, the Statue of Liberty was built to be an icon of France's republican ideals.
Michelle's been on quite a roll since August 2004. Just this month she became the #1 blog on the internet. (I just had a wonderfully terrible thought: When's Time's next Blog of the Year issue?) Something like 75,000 people visit michellemalkin.com every day. All this despite such worthies as Eric Muller, Greg Robinson, and the incomparable David Neiwert eviscerating her stances on internment and immigration at every turn.

Compared to those luminaries, this blog's contribution has been limited. I'm very proud of LA's and my work on "Ghost Blogging", and a lot of other things, but overall it's been a sideline to me. (A sideline from my true love: Scrapbooking. Feeding my family.)

Now this simple little blog is going to go for something a little more ambitious. It will help that much of it won't be written by me. As you all know, Michelle and Jesse are going to publish their newest book two months from today. For the next two months, and probably more, this blog will, in addition to the usual pithy potshots, be running a series called "...And Proud of It", which will aim to be a "preresponse" to Unhinged.

The concept? Liberals throughout history. We're going to show the part that "Unhinged" individuals and groups have played in the shaping of the world, from the ACLU to Frank Zappa. Not all of those who are profiled will be pure liberals as we use the word today, but rest assured that every one of them will have qualities or opinions which, if they lived today, would be sure to get the honor of their own Cindy Sheehan-style blogswarm. And yes, as promised, that includes Jesus. Especially Jesus.

But that's getting ahead of ourselves. Liberal Avenger has the first post, and in this well-planned series, I'm not actually positive who he's going to write on.

Maybe I shouldn't have provided that peek behind the curtain. Ah well, the proof will be in the pudding. I, and all of the writers who will contribute, hope you enjoy.