Friday, March 25, 2005


Well, one more

Libertarian-leaning conservatives are turning their backs on the unconstitutional and despicable actions of the religious right (and those Democrats too scared to stand up to them) in the Terri Schiavo case.
When you read Maureen Dowd, and say to your self, "Shit. She is 100% right," it is time for some serious soul-searching.
Michelle is certainly not exempted from this awakening.
Malkin should take note: Those strange letters appended to these "experts'" names, like "M.D." or "Ph.D." aren't the cryptic foreign abbreviations of leftist guerilla organizations in cahoots with MSM. They're credentials.
But why I really posted about this is that the above libertarian blogger caught something that I had missed.
Ann Coulter asks: "So how about a Republican governor's sending in the National Guard to stop an innocent American woman from being starved to death in Florida?"
Oh, come on. You probably know the full text of Coulter's ravings by now:
Democrats have called out armed federal agents in order to: (1) prevent black children from attending a public school in Little Rock, Ark. (National Guard); (2) investigate an alleged violation of federal gun laws in Waco, Texas (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms); and (3) deport a small boy to Cuba (Immigration and Naturalization Service).
One of these things is not like the other. Two of the three, of course, were doing what we like to call "their jobs", and the fact that they pretty much botched them in those instances are beside the point.

As far as the National Guard goes, anyone who claims not to understand that the Arkansas school integration was a special case, 180-some years and a civil war in the making, is either a liar or insane. Or both.

Malkin's link - out of context and to a world-class nutjob - is just a sign of how far over the deep end she's gone on the Schiavo issue. Look for further backlash as this goes deeper...

Update: Okay, I know that the INS thing was a little more complicated than "doing their job." Then again, I've never known Malkin to complain about a deportation - not even Elian's.

Update 2: Well, apparently my reading comprehension skills need some work. Coulter was referring to segregationist Democrat Governor Orval Faubus, who, prior to President Eisenhower's federalization of the Arkansas National Guard to forcibly integrate, had dispatched that same body to prevent integration. That's a sequence of events that I learned once, but had forgotten.

I had thought Coulter was saying "if we can integrate schools, why can't we 'save' Terri?" What she was actually doing was accusing today's Democrats of racism by inheritance. It doesn't get any truer with repetition.