Thursday, March 03, 2005


She's got us on the Weather Underground thing, though

In whose world are violent, extremist theocrats and anti-semitic nationalists left-wing?

In Michelle Malkin's world, of course.

In what is quite possibly her most ridiculous post to date, Malkin complains that while it is good that the MSM focuses on "right-wing, white supremacist Internet sites", they seem to ignore the "virulently racist and/or anti-Christian Internet fever swamps multiplying on the left side of the Web as well."

See if you can guess who she holds up as examples of these left-wing hate sites. Go ahead, guess.

That's right...La Voz de Aztlan and Islamic terrorists.

In reference to La Voz de Aztlan - and in yet another example of how she doesn't read or doesn't understand the sites she links to - Malkin refers her readers to the Southern Poverty Law Center, that well-known rightwing watchdog organization, which describes the hate group thusly:
La Voz de Aztlan's articles go way, way past mainstream Latino concerns, railing against "Nazi" Jews, "demonic" lesbians and "the Jew/Gay Democratic Party." The site approvingly quotes ancient Aztec law, requiring disembowelment for homosexuals.

It blames Jews for political problems in Los Angeles and even provides the entire text of the infamous anti-Semitic forgery, Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
I remember just the other day when my left-wing friends and I were reading the "'Cols", as we call them, and discussing the best way to disembowel homosexuals.

And Islamic terrorists as leftists...where do I even start with this? I mean, really? What scares me is that there is a large portion of the public, not to mention at least one person who actually gets paid to tell us what she thinks, who believe that fundamentalist religious nutcases are somehow left-wing. The people who believe this are the same ones who think that because I oppose killing 100,000 civilians I'm somehow aligned with the terrorists. (Where is my picture, David? Huh?)

What a ridiculous pile of...well, ridiculousness Malkin has set up here. I'd be willing to say that La Voz de Aztlan and Islamic terrorists aren't any wing at all, just crazy, violent extremists. But if Malkin's really going to sit back and throw this mud at "the Left", maybe we should just sit down and think about which (extreme) end of the political spectrum has been historically known for the traits we've discussed above.