Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Malkin corrects self - Don't make any long-term investments

Mykeru alerts us to the fact that Michelle corrected herself on the Moveon-Bush-Hitler issue. Of course, she had another post up within two minutes and another after that within half an hour so that the correction was out of sight as quickly as possible, but still, it's a correction. The Rev:
Malkin's entire career consists of tapping into and dutifully writing on the right wing zeitgeist that week without the paranoid freeform creativity of someone like Coulter. Today Malkin says comparing people to Hitler is bad, tomorrow it might be good. In fact, tomorrow it might be The Moral Thing to Do™. Depends on where the short-term self interest of the right-wing to demonize liberals and consolidate power lies. And if Malkin won't do it, there's always a Coulter, or an Ingraham, someone else from the stable of right-wing attack bimbos or maybe some as-yet-unknown baby whore toiling away in their local chapter of the College Republicans waiting for her big break...

In the same way if the best Malkin can do to slander MoveOn is claim that they "compared Bush to Hitler", and even that claim is untrue, then just how bad can they be?

An old cartoon that once appeared in Mad magazine, if I remember correctly, explained beautifully how the bigot's mind works. It showed a guy sitting in front of his TV replete with beer and wife-beater undershirt watching a baseball game. The next batter up was a black man and the bigot complained that black people choke under pressure. When the batter hits a home run, well, of course, the bigot explains they're all big dumb animals made strong from all that jungle living. You get the point: The bigot is never dissuade from his point of view. There's absolutely no observation that can't be given a little tweak to prove what he already believes.
The only problem with quoting Mykeru is that it's hard to know when to stop, it's all so good. He also debunks Malkin's claims about Zack Exley, so it's definitely worth reading the whole thing.