Monday, February 07, 2005


ormfront-Stay Headline-writer's remorse

The always-fantastic Rittenhouse Review gives Malkin a one-two punch:
Frankly, I would have thought otherwise intelligent people by now would have known, or at least been vaguely aware, that the term "gypsies" refers to an identifiable group of people who now more properly are called the "Roma," and that the more commonly deployed, and now archaic, term "gypsies" is considered offensive, not only to the Roma but to others as well.
Should we give her a free pass? Assume ignorance rather than malignant intent?

No. Malkin, if you remember, castigated Adam Cohen for referring to Bobby Jindal's "freakishly impressive resume." I think she's pretty much established how much she respects "benefit of the doubt" when it comes to this kind of thing.

Meanwhile, Jim (if I may call him that) also notices something a little odd about Malkin's new Sitemeter stats:
Let's say, hypothetically, as they say, that The Rittenhouse Review were to link to a right-wing blogger with whom his relations were not entirely friendly.

And let's say, again hypothetically, that the right-wing blogger in this hypothetical situation, relied on to record her traffic and made SiteMeter's statistics pertaining to traffic to and from her blog available for review by all visitors.

Can anyone think of a reason why traffic from such far-superior blogs as Rittenhouse and MalkinWatch, at least as read here at Rittenhouse, would not appear in her referral log?
While I appreciate the vote of confidence (i.e. that your humble host would present enough of a threat to be worth taking some sort of action against), I have discovered that MalkinWatch does indeed show up on SiteMeter. It makes you wonder who else besides Rittenhouse Review she's blocked, though (see title for a hint).

Clarification: It should be noted that I was not implying that the above website runs Malkin's columns nor that Malkin has any relationship with it. I was simply referring to the fact that there are a few mostly-approving mentions from commenters there about her, which would presumably cause an unflattering link to show up in the referral log.

Nor was I meaning to equate Rittenhouse with those wackos, but that probably goes without saying.